5. Aloha and E Komo Mai

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“Aloha” is a special Hawaiian greeting and “e komo mai” means welcome. Hello and welcome to the 2017 Third International Mokuhanga Conference.
Hawaii became the 50th state of the United States in 1959, but Japan and Hawaii’s relation goes farther back, to the period between 1844 and 1925 when Hawaii was still a kingdom. At that time many Japanese arrived in Hawaii under the Kanyaku Imin (Simplified Immigration) treaty as immigrants. Understanding this background history should help explain why Hawaii may feel familiar to Japanese visitors.
By hosting this International Mokuhanga Conference in Hawaii where people from many countries coexist, we hope the conference will help build bridges between generations, cultures, and traditions; that it will provide an opportunity to deepen friendships across cultures.
The conference will take place on the island of O’ahu in Hawaii, the Aloha State. We hope that by visiting you will learn the deeper meaning of Aloha, a greeting that means goodbye as well as hello, and is also a wish of peace and compassion. We hope you will experience its weight and depth by being on the islands. We hope that you will take the ”Spirit of Aloha” and many fine memories home with you.

By hosting the conference in Hawaii, we plan to raise awareness about mokuhanga among the participants with the theme “Beauty of Mokuhanga: Discipline & Sensibility.” Through mokuhanga printmaking, we hope to build bridges that will sustain a revitalization of art and craft, and promote world peace through cross-cultural understanding within our global community.
We welcome all of you to participate in the conference where we will share meaningful and valuable experiences at the Third International Mokuhanga Conference, Hawaii.

Hiroki & Setsuko Morinoue
Hawaii Local Committee Chair & Vice Chair



”アロハ”は特別なハワイの挨拶であり、”エ コモ マイ”は歓迎、ようこそと言う意を表します。 こんにちは、2017年第3回国際木版画会議ハワイへようこそ。

ハワイは1959年に米国50州目の州となりましたが、日本はハワイがまだ王朝であった時代の1844年より1925年の間 “簡約移民” の条約の下で数多くの日本人がハワイに移民した事はご承知の事と思います。ハワイが如何に日本人の方には親しみを感じさせるかはこの歴史的背景の中ではごく自然な理由かとも思います。


ヒロキ & セツコ モリノウエ
ハワイローカル実行委員会 会長/副会長