IMC2017 Closing: Photographs and New Newsletter

Aloha Artists! Registration Time!

  We’re less than one week away from joining together for the Third Triennial International Mokuhanga Conference in beautiful, Hawaii. We hope you’re excited and ready for a weekend of education, celebration, and embracing the warm spirit of Aloha. We have been busy busy planning and working hard to make it an experience you will cherish forever.
Here is some basic information to help get you started. You may have questions in addition to what we have laid out, but please educate yourself on the City of Honolulu and UH-Manoa’s campus map.
The most up to date schedule is on our website and can be found here. Importantly, registration is open from 12 – 5 on Thursday, September 28th, located in the UH-Manoa Art Building, Commons Gallery. It’s very important to check in during these hours. There, you will receive the conference booklet, tote bag, and badge. Please wear the badge at all times. It is your ID card to get into the conference.
After registration, please find your way to the Gallery Walk with Yasuyuki Sato and Hayato Fujioka from 3:00 – 4:00. Then immediately following, there is a Gallery Walk with Ralph Kiggell and Hiroki Morinoue from 4:00 – 5:00. There will be a soft opening right after the Walk, open to the public put on by UH Manoa.  At 6:00pm please join us for the Opening Reception at the East-West Center at the Wailana Garden Dining Room where there will be catered food and light refreshments. Then it’s a good nights sleep and be ready for our first keynote speaker, Mayumi Oda, Friday morning at 9am!
A local taxi cab service or Uber are easy ways to get between UH-Manoa Campus and the Honolulu International Airport. There is also a reliable bus system and more information found here.
Wear good shoes for walking between campus buildings and sun protection against the hot Hawaiian sun.
For those of you who have not paid for catered lunch during the conference, there are plenty of food options on campus that you can walk to and purchase lunch during breaks. More information found here.
If you have prints in the Juried Exhibition, it is very important to pick-up your prints from the Gallery between 5 – 6pm on Sunday, Oct. 1. If you are donating 100% to the IMC organization, thank you very much and you may skip this and move to the Closing Reception.
In case you need money exchange coming from another country, be sure to do that at the Honolulu International Airport, unless you know that you could do it from any ATM machine near by.
In addition, it’s a good idea to protect against unexpected travel emergencies with traveler’s insurance.
Looking forward to seeing you all!
IMC Board and Local Committee

MC2017 Hawaii / Satellite Program Artists

Oct. 3 – 8, 2017 at the Donkey Mill Art Center

Keiko Hara: Fluid & Free Mokuhanga Style, A Contemporary Approach


Through an expressive approach to the mokuhanga print process, using traditional and new techniques, participants will experience versatile creative image making processes by incorporating stencil and collage with woodblock printing. Participants will learn to see the endless possibilities for layering marks and colors to create a variety of mokuhanga prints.

Keiko Hara moved to US from Japan to pursue her career as an artist and earned an MFA at Cranbrook Academy of Art in 1976. In 1983 she was granted United States permanent resident status as an artist. Hara lives and works in Walla Walla, Washington, where she is an Emeritus Professor of Art at Whitman College.

With over fifty solo exhibitions since 1976, Hara has also been included in numerous invitational group exhibitions throughout the United States, Europe and Japan. Museums that include Hara’s work in their permanent collections are The National Gallery of Art, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Detroit Institute of Arts, Portland Art Museum, Library of Congress, Jundt Art Museum, and many others.

Hara has been awarded grants from the Pollock-Krasner Foundation, the Artist Trust Fellowship, the Philadelphia Print Award and the first prize in the Michigan Print & Drawing Exhibition.


April Vollmer: Flouting Kento Registration for Special Effects


This portion of the workshop will show participants various ways to print already-cut blocks to achieve a variety of different prints. This approach includes printing different colors, printing textures like gomazuri, using bokashi gradation printing to change the spatial feeling of a print, printing with stronger and weaker pressure, and printing blocks multiple times on the same paper using a floating kento registration jig. The subtlety of mokuhanga printing allows a wide range of expression to be achieved simply by printing blocks in different ways or by layering and rotating blocks, printing them multiple times to create a complex, evocative print.

APRIL VOLLMER is a New York based artist and printmaker who specializes in mokuhanga, Japanese woodcut. With an MFA from Hunter College, she has exhibited her work internationally and has taught workshops across the U.S. Awards include fellowships at the MacDowell Colony, the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, and the Nagasawa Art Park program in Japan. Her work has been published in journals including Science, Contemporary Impressions and Art in Print. She was on the board of the First and Second International Mokuhanga Conferences in Japan and her book Japanese Woodblock Print Workshop was released by Watson-Guptill in 2015.


Hidehiko Goto: Focus on the Hand-crafted Baren & Printing


Introducing and focusing on beta-zuri, solid all-over printing; Goto will teach this technique to help participants understand the differences in the look, feel and the sensitivity of printing with different barens. Learning this printing process will help develop an artist’s printing skill. It is not easy to master beta-zuri in printing large surface area, but this class will encourage the development of a sensitivity to printing with different barens.

On the second day Goto will demonstrate how to care for barens and how to re-cover the baren. In this session participants will have an opportunity to re-cover a baren, and to practice printing beta-zuri. Goto will demonstrate printing his own images with different barens to show the quality of printing with different barens.

Hidehiko Goto has exhibited widely across Japan, as well as Central Europe, winning important prizes for his inimitable prints. In 1989 he was named Most Promising New Artist in a major print exhibition held in Tokyo, also taking its Grand Prize. In addition to being a well-established mokuhanga artist, he is one of Japan’s most famous master baren makers.

Hidehiko Goto lives in Oiso, the location of one of the 53 Stations of the Tokaido Road in the print series by Ando Hiroshige.

Goto takes daily walks to the mountain side to view Mt. Fuji and the long beach of Shonan, enjoying one of the most picturesque views of Mt. Fuji with the Hakone-Izu mountains in the near distance.

Collections: Los Angeles County Museum of Arts, USA, Suzuka City Museum of Graphic Art, Nagano, Japan

Sponsors and Supporters

We would like to thank the following organizations for their support of the Third International Mokuhanga Conference 2017, Hawaii

Awagami Factory, Japan
Australian Consulate-General Honolulu
City & County of Honolulu
Constellation Studios, Lincoln, Nebaska
Consulate General of Japan Honolulu
Consulate General of Finland Honolulu
Donkey Mill Art Center, Hawaii
Hawaii Japanese Center
Hawai‘i State Foundation on Culture and the Arts
Holbein Works, LTD., Japan
Honolulu Printmakers
McClain’s Printmaking Supplies, US
Michihamono Industrial Co., LTD, Japan
MI-LAB, Japan
National Endowment for the Arts, US
State of Hawai‘i
Studio 7 Fine Arts, Hawaii
University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa

We would also like to extend our mahalo & aloha to the additional organizations and institutions who have assisted our attendees with their financial needs and the many individuals who have contributed their time and expertise.






Demonstrations, Paper Presentations & International Exhibition Selection Complete

The Committee has completed selections for the Demonstrations, Paper Presentations and the International Mokuhanga Exhibition September 28 to Oct 2, 2017, listed below. We look forward to an exciting conference with contributions from artists, educators and scholars from around the world.

Kyoko Harai will demonstrate traditional printing
Keiko Hara working at Mi-Lab
April Vollmer mokuhanga print, International Exhibition
master carver Shoichi Kitamura will demonstrate his skills



















Selected Demonstrations:

  • HKOP, Hong Kong Open PrintshopA Reversed Negative: From Calligraphy to Woodblock PrintingHong Kong
  • Kernan, CatherineRight/ Left/ Positive/ NegativeUSA
  • Goto, HidehikoBaren, all about its history to making, caring & printingJapan
  • Hirai, KyokoAnatomy of Traditional Mokuhanga, Printing TechniquesJapan
  • Kitamura, ShoichiWay of Mokuhan Carving and PrintingJapan

Selected Presenters:

  • Amoss, JohnMokuhanga, the Environment & Social ChangesUSA
  • Berio, Ligustro Giovanni & Ponte, Hellory Maria NellaArtist’s PresentationsItaly
  • Binnie, PaulArtist’s PresentationsUK
  • Burton Anne & Kunc KarenArtist’s PresentationsUSA
  • Çinar, Semih – Mokuhanga, the Environment & Social ChangesTurkey
  • Cuccio, ClaireContemporary MokuhangaUSA
  • Furneax, PaulContemporary MokuhangaUK
  • Gok, FatihArtist’s PresentationsTurkey
  • González, PaolaLocal PracticeChile
  • Gorni, ElettraMokuhanga History, PhilosophyItaly
  • Gribbin, JacquelineArtist’s PresentationsAustralia
  • Hara, Keiko & Takemoto, AkiraBridge-buildingJapan/USA
  • Hong Kong Open Printshop – Mokuhanga History, PhilosophyHong Kong
  • Keckes, IrenaArtist’s PresentationsCroatia/USA
  • Kiggell, RalphMokuhanga History, PhilosophyUK/Thailand
  • Kiran, Hasan – Artist’s PresentationsTurkey
  • Kunc, KarenArtist’s PresentationsUSA
  • Laitinen, KariMokuhanga History, PhilosophyFinland
  • Lyon, MikeArtist’s PresentationsUSA
  • Mack-Watkins, JenniferBridge-buildingUSA
  • Maurstig, KarenArtist’s PresentationsNorway
  • Moilanen, TuulaMokuhanga History, PhilosophyFinland
  • Morinoue, HirokiContemporary MokuhangaUSA
  • Nam, YoonmiArtist’s PresentationsUSA
  • Neal, FlorenceArt Markets and MokuhangaUSA
  • Pelzer-Montada, RuthContemporary MokuhangaUK
  • Ponte, Hellory Maria NellaMokuhanga History, PhilosophyItaly
  • Schofield, LucyArtist’s PresentationsUK
  • Schulenberg, MelissaBridge-buildingUSA
  • Vollmer, AprilBridge-buildingUSA
  • Yuasa, KatsutoshiMokuhanga History, PhilosophyJapan

Selected International Exhibition Artists:

  • Baldwin, KatieNeighborhood RaftUSA
  • Baldwin, KatieNeighborhood RaftsUSA
  • Berio, Iigustro GiovanniAmaterasu: the dance of SunItaly
  • Bianco, allisonThe Old Jamestown Bridge, Going, GoneUSA
  • Bissett, AnniePaint By Number Yellow LabUSA
  • Broder, DonnaJudo Masters #1USA
  • Cheong, Hoi IAbove and BelowMacau (S.E. Asia)
  • Cheong, Hoi IAkiMacau (S.E. Asia)
  • Clarke, NeiltonLoaded BeautyAustralia/Japan
  • Clarke, NeiltonAkigawa Spinner (33rpm)Australia/Japan
  • Cozzolino, MaraTokyo dreamerItaly
  • Cozzolino, MaraAwakeningItaly
  • Crawford, JohnCoal and Crops collideAustralia
  • de Haan, JudithMount Fuji IINorway
  • Evertson, WilliamSearching for the MoonUSA
  • Evertson, WilliamTimes SquareUSA
  • Ewart, JolantaShardsAustralia
  • Forrest, ElizabethTwo PinesCanada
  • Forrest, ElizabethThe Reflective UnconsciousCanada
  • Fukushima, ChihiroEmpty (1)Japan
  • Fukushima, ChihiroEmpty (2)Japan
  • Furchgott, EveFungalUSA
  • Furchgott, EveBoth Sides NowUSA
  • Gorni, ElettraMAPItaly
  • Gorni, ElettraThe Untied KnotItaly
  • Gribbin, JacquelineWithin the Sand SheetsAustralia
  • Gribbin, JacquelineShifting Sands (Utricularia minutissima)Australia
  • Hamada, MichikoSHKJapan
  • Hamada, MichikoMTYJapan
  • Hey, HenrikThe long JourneyNetherlands
  • Hiser, AnnadayAlong the way…number 11USA
  • Hiser, AnnadayAlong the way…number 4USA
  • Howard, DarylWhere I never feel aloneUSA
  • Howard, DarylWhere I wade into lightUSA
  • Hulsey, SarahIn the Words of FourierUSA
  • Jarvis, GeorgeHane V1USA/Japan
  • Jarvis, GeorgeKuronekoUSA/Japan
  • Jesse, MarikoMeyer Lemon Curd RecipeUSA
  • Jones, CharlotteTidal Pool II, Port aux ChoixCanada
  • Jones, CharlotteTidal Pool 1Canada
  • Kashiwagi, YuukiThen the Spreading EarthJapan
  • Kavanagh, AnnFishing at Lake KawaguchikoIreland
  • Kavanagh, AnnJapanese Garden Yellow SpaceIreland
  • Kean, RoslynTime with Tradition 4Australia
  • Kean, RoslynShadow of Time 3Australia
  • Keckes, IrenaBlack Print # 24Croatia/USA
  • Keckes, IrenaBlack Print # 23Croatia/USA
  • Krenik, JohnNine to FiveUSA
  • Krohn, InariMetamorphosis (Art Book)Finland
  • Lingamfelter Almosara, HeidiYellow Katsura Tree LeafUSA
  • MacDonagh, KateVoiceIreland
  • MacDonagh, KateOchre LightIreland
  • Mack-Watkins, JenniferThe LetterUSA
  • Masuda, MasahiroDiary301Japan
  • Masuda, MasahiroDiary401Japan
  • Maurstig, KarenUnfolding LandscapeNorway
  • Maurstig, KarenHavrandNorway
  • McKenna, TerryFull Moon Mount buningyongAustralia
  • McKenna, TerryEvening Bell BlampeidAustralia
  • Metz, DeborahSpringdayAustralia
  • Moilanen, TuulaHorror Vacui / Horror Plenus (Art Book, pair)Finland
  • Morinoue, HirokiThin IceUSA
  • Morinoue, HirokiBleached CoralsUSA
  • Morinoue, SetsukoMizumo Oshinohakkai IJapan/USA
  • Murata, MinakoTree’s FeelingsJapan
  • Murata, MinakoThat Would Be Lovely (Art Book)Japan
  • Muto, YuzuruSpread Our WingJapan
  • Muto, YuzuruAt the Time of CalmJapan
  • Nam, YoonmiPOP CORN!USA
  • Nam, YoonmiPromiseUSA
  • Nault, RayYugenUSA/Japan
  • Neal, FlorenceWater WaterUSA
  • Neal, FlorenceChattahoochee: 29.9.0117USA
  • Ninomiya, MiyukiWhite BubbleJapan
  • O, MiaRed LandscapeSo. Korea/Japan
  • Olanna, KarenOn the BeachUSA
  • Olanna, KarenClimate ChangeUSA
  • Ponte , Hellory Maria NellaBamboo at Maxim MoonlightItaly
  • Ponte , Hellory Maria NellaBijingaItaly
  • Rushforth, SusanDrift 1Australia
  • Rushforth, SusanDrift 2Australia
  • Satake, HirokiGreeting flower (Yukari Ota “Frame” by bozzo)Japan
  • Satake, HirokiGreeting flower (Project Oh!yama “Holstein” by bozzo)Japan
  • Schofield Lucy & , Brisson-Darveau, GuillaumeThe Moon & The Sledgehammer (phases 1 – 6)UK/Canada
  • Schofield Lucy & , Brisson-Darveau, GuillaumeThe Moon & The Sledgehammer (phases 7 -12)UK/Canada
  • Shine, CathrynDelugeNew Zealand
  • Shine, CathrynFloodNew Zealand
  • Stone, AndrewModern Miracles (Rain for Aleppo)Italy
  • Stone, AndrewBoteh (paisley)Italy
  • Stone, FaithTara with dragon, phoenix and i’ili birdsUSA
  • Strand, Elisabet AlsosPorthole VNorway
  • Syposz, ValerieThat is AllCanada
  • Syposz, ValerieFemalesCanada
  • Takada, YoheiTimeJapan
  • Takada, YoheiAquariumJapan
  • Takashi, RyoichiBamboo Unbrella-Makers, Pathein, MyanmarJapan
  • Takashi, RyoichiTyphoon #10, 2016 Iwaizumi, Iwate, JapanJapan
  • Vollmer, AprilLove Beyond ReasonUSA
  • Vollmer, AprilThe Architecture of DesireUSA
  • Watanabe, KanakoAsagakuruJapan
  • White, MargaretLuminous: LunaAustralia
  • Wilding, LanaMokuhanga OrchidAustralia
  • Wilding, LanaMokuhanga StaghornAustralia
  • Wozniak, AleksanderFujiPoland
  • Wozniak, AleksanderCloudsPoland
  • Yasui, MeredithFree RangeUSA
  • Yates, TrishWandering the Eucalypt ForestAustralia


4: Greetings from the Chair of the 2015-2017 International Board of the International Mokuhanga Conference

ニュース ↓

On September 28th 2017, IMC will launch its meeting for the first time beyond the Japanese archipelago fittingly to that of another, the Hawaiian Islands. An eminent and longstanding base for Japanese and other artists who reflect both the diversity of Hawaii’s indigenous and hybrid cultures and its international presence, Hawaii represents a natural segue beyond Japan’s borders.

Refreshing new themes will zero in on Hawaii and the Pacific Islands’ unique printworlds in addition to more pragmatic, real-world topics such as print artists and the art market.
The conference has matured further to organize a series of Roundtable Discussions focused on concerns that have surfaced among mokuhanga practitioners, including but not limited to mokuhanga as an environmental practice; international artist exchanges and artist-in-residency programs for mokuhanga as a means to foster global art networks; and new approaches to supporting artisans and mobilizing their expertise.

Inland from the western coastal city of Kailua-Kona, the center of the Big Island’s lively “Kona side,” is the town of Holualoa, the site of Donkey Mill Art Center. With the warmth and spirit of Hawaiian life that the expression “aloha” invokes, well-respected mokuhanga artist, the Artistic Director of the Mill, Hiroki Morinoue together with Setsuko Morinoue, a Co-Founder & Director Emeritus of the Mill, and the IMC2017 Hawaii’s main coordinator will host an invigorating Satellite Program at Donkey Mill.

Japanese-style water-based woodblock printmaking is increasingly attracting new converts for its enormous range of appeal and possibility. Like anime and manga as well as the host of other Japanese creative mediums that have been transformed after going global, the Japanese expression mokuhanga has begun to acquire a special currency across world languages and cultures and already has accumulated new and expanded meanings along the way. Come to Hawaii to witness how international artists are pushing the boundaries of mokuhanga and how your own artistic vision and print works are a part of this trend.

Claire Cuccio, PhD
IMC 2015-17 Board Chair



2017年9月28日、国際木版画会議は日本列島を越え、海外へと場所を移し、ハワイ諸島で開催することが決定しました。ハワイの多様で独特なハイブリッド文化を受け継ぐ日系の、そしてまた多くの国際的アーティストたちが長きにわたって活動の中心地としてきたハワイが、日本国外における初の国際会議の拠点となることは自然のなりゆきでしょう。 木版画家の現在の立場やアートマーケットといった有意義なテーマに加え、今回はハワイと太平洋諸島のユニークなprintworldに焦点を合わせた新たなテーマを取り上げます。。
第一会場となるハワイ大学マノア校では、以前の会議のイベントも含めて木版画世界に関する問題点、世界的な芸術ネットワークを育成するための手段としての国際交流、芸術家居住(AIR) プログラム、又木版画芸術に携わる 職人を支援し、専門知識を動員するための新しいアプローチなどについてのラウンド・テーブル形式の討論も新たに加える計画です。

そして風光明媚な大自然の中へと場所を移します。「ビッグアイランド」として知られたハワイ島のコナ側にあるドンキーミルアートセンターが第二会場です。「アロハ」に込められたハワイ生活の暖かさと精神の価値観を基盤にして、 優れた木版画家ヒロキ•守野上氏とドンキーミルアートセンターの名誉会長、今回の国際会議の地元メインイベント コーディネーター守野上節子氏の指導の下、友好的なプログラムが用意されます。

グローバル化した世界では日本のアニメやマンガなどの創造媒体だけでなく、 木版画も言語や文化を超えて世界中に拡がってきました。そうした可能性のある媒体であることを木版画はすでに証明してきています。日本伝統木版画の自然美と可能性に満ちた世界に魅了されるアーティストはますます増えてきています。現代アーティストの作品と芸術がどのように伝統木版画の限界に挑戦してきたか、またご自分の文化芸術ビジョンがこのグローバル化傾向の一部としてどのような位置づけにあるのか、どのような意味を持つのか、IMC2017ハワイで探りましょう。

Claire Cuccio
クレア • クッチオ